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Martin Summers Selected as Architecture Faculty Representative for UKCoD Building Committee

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Martin Summers, Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Kentucky College of Design was selected as a representative for the faculty to serve with his colleagues at this critical moment in the college as we move into the design phases of our new building. His professional expertise and trusted voice is valued across the various levels that he serves. From the City of Lexington design boards and committees, campus design, planning, and sustainability committees, and a wide range of college and school committees where his professional expertise are combined with a passion to see out college succeed.

The role of the committee is to:

1) Provide feedback from the public presentations of the design firms.

2) Compile and synthesize a consensus white paper on the building program

3) Provide periodic feedback to the project team during Schematic Design phase

4) Provide ad hoc expertise and insights during design development, CDs, and construction.

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