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PLUS-SUM Studio Invited to Participate in the "Malaysia Biennial 100YC: Medini 2017"

Martin Summers and PLUS-SUM Studio were invited to participate in the "Malaysia Biennial 100YC: Medini 2017" that "will explore forward thinking and visionary ideas, identifying disruptive mechanisms of change, impacting architecture, urbanism and the way we will live in the next 100 years." The biennial is organized by Tom Kovac, Professor of Architecture at RMIT University, the Artistic Director and Curator of the Malaysia Biennial 100YC: Medini 2017.

Martin's studio at the University of Kentucky College of Design, School of Architecture began the project this semester and are excited to be joined by the "Sutherland Visiting Professor," Tobias Armborst of Interboro Partners who is co-teaching the studio. We kicked off with a great workshop on February 15th, that set the direction towards mid-term and should produce a fantastic collaboration and exciting questions about the future of urbanization. Director of the School of Architecture Jeffrey Johnson is also playing a critical role in critiquing the project and lending his expertise at the masterplanning scale through his practice, Slab Architecture PLLC.

Malaysia Biennial 100YC: Medini 2017

"Malaysian Biennial 100YC: Medini 2017 will bring together global collaborators to investigate

and propose innovative responses, visions and solutions for the development of Medini

Iskandar, as an exemplar city of the future. The Malaysia Biennial 100YC project represents the consolidation of more than a decade of design-led research and knowledge development of deep future propositions relating to the evolution of cities.

The Malaysia Biennial 100YC will focus on the strategically important evolution of the greater Singapore – Johor economic area. It will pay particular attention to the architecture and urbanisation of Medini Iskandar Malaysia, a keystone urban development located on the Johor Straits forming part of Malaysia’s critical interface with Singapore.

The Malaysia Biennial 100YC project consists of research in the physical, virtual and the nascent spatial conditions of the sustainable 21st century city.

The Malaysia Biennial 100YC proposes an exhibition visualising the future and seeks to create the foundations to procure and transform ideas into an urban reality making Medini Iskandar the icon for future city living. The exhibition will underpin explorations into the four key urban focus areas, Commerce, Knowledge, Mobility and Technology.

Architecture schools, architects, engineers, scientists, entrepreneurs, economists, artists, philosophers and urbanists, amongst other disciplines, are encouraged to participate by way of University led inter disciplinary teams."

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