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"RESOLUTION_" Exhibition to Open July 9 at Jai & Jai Gallery, Los Angeles.

We are honored to have our work featured as part of a group exhibition titled, "Resolution - The Digital Print" hosted in Los Angeles by Jai & Jai Gallery. The exhibition will open on Saturday, July 9th; 8-11pm as part of an opening reception for the show.

The multi-time zone collaboration started over a year ago and as part of the Super//Architects Thesis Call and has grown into a multi-phase project where we are only now nearing the conclusion of phase II. Our installation explores process, error, glitch and formal logics where drawing and model exploit errors in translation across media and test new possibilities. Drawing and model merge in an active, virtual design space where each becomes operative in a process of translation and transformation – no longer limited by their prior discrete realities.

Project Collaborators:

Bryan Cantley

Thompson Burry

Owen Duross

Devin Gharakhanian

Meghan Maupin

Martin Summers

Process image | Teaser before the show

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