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Accepted to ACADIA 2015 Exhibition at UC DAAP, "EcoDiversity_Computation and Identity"

Received notification today that our proposal was accepted to the "EcoDiversity_Comuptation and Identity" exhibition at the University of Cincinnati that will be part of ACADIA's 2015 conference, "Computational Ecologies: Design in the Anthropocene."

"The School of Architecture and Interior Design, in University of Cincinnati’s College of Design Architecture Art and Planning will host ACADIA’s 2015 Annual Conference and convene, simultaneously, an exhibition and symposia, as an expansion of the conference theme; “Computational Ecologies: Design in the Anthropocene.” The purpose is to address the role of the individual within the vast ecology of computation, through the lens of how one’s geography, identity and philosophy influences the positioning of their work in reaction to, or accordance with the emergence of the Anthropocen

e." -- Stephen Slaughter, Assistant Professor UC

The exhibition will run from October 19 through December 6, 2015.

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