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Invited by Super//Architects to Rethink the Thesis Poster - International Launch

Invited by Super // Architects to redesign and rethink the traditional architure poster. Working wth Owen Duross and Hans Koesters, we are continuing the Abstract 3D exercise research as we translate this process to 2d drawings and eventually back to 3d constructions. We will produce one poster of a three part series, Bryan Canltey of Form:uLA will produce the other and we will collaborate on the "hybrid" third. The process itself has been collaborative as we continue to evolve a conversation started during the "Point of Departure" studio, where Bryan served as a supportive critic via Skype conversations. Bryan's poster will be launched on July 1, our poster will be launched on July 8 and the Collaboration will be launched around July 15. Future collaborations await!

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