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Improbable Object[space-s] +


19.25 in x 11 in

300 dpi




Poster for Super//Architects to announce their international thesis call for submissions

During the Spring 2015 academic semester, within the “Point of Departure” research studio, the Disruptive Continuity research was further expanded to include a process of drawing (collective exquisite corpse drawings and individual drawings) where processes understood in 3d were explored by flipping media to 2d forms of representation.  The incorporation of drawing began to engage issues of pattern, organization, color, camouflage, glitch, error and intuition accessed through the construction of the drawing with a conscious effort to explore territory that would only be possible through a 2d form of media. These drawings were then the basis for the next 3D iteration. This iterative workflow was developed to explore what happens when we shift media within the workflow to generate and accept the errors and misreadings as opportunities for discovery and invention.

The extensive series of drawings by the students in the studio were posted to social media with a team specific hashtag campaign to extend the conversation to a larger audience and they immediately gained a following.  Super//Architects reached out to my student at the time, Hans Koesters, and asked for our participation in their International Thesis Poster campaign. The series of drawings from

the studio was chosen from over 54,00 unique posts by the editorial board and the realization that they were all coming from a single studio led them to request that a faculty/student team participate In the campaign. They wanted to engage us to develop a new, unique series of drawings to encourage their audience of over 600,000 unique followers (at that time) to submit thesis projects for an Online exhibition and future web feature and publication. During the course of the discussion, we were told that the goal was to do three separate posters by three separate artists. By what seems like serendipity at work, one of the other artists was Bryan Cantley, with whom we were already talking via Online reviews of the Point of Departure transit shelter. Once S//A realized there may be a teaming opportunity, the project shifted to be a three poster series by a single team, the first to be completed by Bryan Cantley (Series I), then "Series II" by Martin Summers and Owen Duross (with early input from Hans who had started working with Oyler Wu Collaborative in Los Angeles around this time), and "Series III" would be a cross-continent collaboration between Martin, Owen, & Bryan with critiques by Devin Gharakanian.


This began a collaborative process that would span two years and lead to objectspace[s] + [ _ (Series IV) and an expanding team of collaborators.




+SUM: (Behind the Scenes - Objectspaces II)

+SUM: (Behind the Scenes - Objectspaces III)

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