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Project Team:


Design Directors:


Project Designers:





Student Assistance:







Faculty Assistance:





Others Assisting:



On-Site Assistance:


Steel Fabrication Water Jet Cutting:



Steel Fabrication:


CNC and Workspace:


Temporary Storage in Columbus:




Financial Sponsors:



Partial Material Financial Support:



Martin Summers

& David Biagi

Nick Abend

Bryan Hardin

Drew McGurk

Alexis Peneff

Nick Abend

Eric Lowe

Freddy Maggioarani

Drew McGurk

Alexis Peneff

Ari Sogin



Jordan Hines

Brian Richter

Martin Summers

Bruce Swetnam



Armondo Noriega

Jonathan Rencon

Erin Ruhl


Josh Coggeshall

Richard McCoy

Jonathan Nesci

Janice Shimizu

Anne Surak

Kelly Wilson

Lance Schneider


Rob Moses at

     502 Fabrication

     and Manufacturing


Intertech Mechanical



Nomi Architecture,

     Design, Fabrication

Matthew Brooks

Jeremy Clements


Kelly Wilson and IUCAD


Lance and Bianca Schneider


Exhibit Columbus

Butch Branson

Tim Skinner

Martin Summers

The University of Kentucky

     College of Design


Jason Ralston at

     Huber Engineered Woods

Lexington Building Supply




PLUS-SUM Studio in Lexington, Kentucky | Indelible Pattern(s) project for the 2016 Exhibit Columbus Biennial. Columbus, Indiana |
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