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Indelible Pattern(s) | Exhibit Columbus Installation (2017)


45 m²

486 ft²


Jan - Jul 2017

Fabrication & Installation:

Jul - oct 2017


Installation to demonstrate contemporary issues and tools in design education within the region

This was an invited exhibition to mark the inaugural Exhibit Columbus Biennial. Invitations were sent to six regional universities to form studios with a focus toward demonstrating contemporary tools, techniques, and pedagogical directions. Faculty were identified to lead the teams through a semester-long design phase and then through fabrication, installation, and removal - a design-build studio that could simulate issues in professional practice. Funding for the installation was provided by Exhibit Columbus, with additional funding raised by each team to allow them to realize their project.


After the studio concluded, PLUS-SUM Studio worked to refine the design, reduce the budget and scale, coordinate the assemblies and workflows, and produce the fabrication files while simultaneously fabricating and constructing the parts. Students from the studio and volunteers contributed time to the fabrication, installation and removal. You can read more about our specific strategic proposal by clicking the "CONCEPT" link that follows:







+SUM: (Behind the Scenes)

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