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Refworks | 9^3 Squares: A Call for Rooms! (2019)


809.0611 in²






Invited Online exhibition to consider the nine-square problem as a contiguous interior constructed as an exquisite corpse. From the organizers Emily Mohr and Jonathan Rieke (@mrstudio):

"9^3 Squares is an architecture exhibition that is based on the familiar logic of the 9-square design problem in architecture. Using Instagram’s readymade image display format - the continuous grid of squares, 3 across and infinitely long - 9^3 Squares will collect individual tiles made by a curated group of contributors to produce a continuous interior. This interior will live on Instagram, an exquisite-corpse-like quilt that is 3 rooms wide and 243 rooms long.


9^3 Squares is curated by @mrstudio (Emily Mohr and Jonathan Rieke) and will be hosted by the Instagram account @refworks - a web-based architecture gallery. @refworks is named after the eponymous web-based commercial reference management

software package used in many university libraries. RefWorksⓇ is a bibliographic tool - it allows users to access their personal online reference databases from any computer with an internet connection. Theoretically, this makes browsing the library much more efficient and effective. Its real value, however, is in building a constellation of interest through citation that can be easily tracked down and pointed to. @refworks is also a bibliographic tool, in a way. Its mission is to build a reference database of contemporary architecture through the commissioning of quick, lightweight, web-based exhibitions. @refworks asks its curators to present their own constellations of interest through exhibition design and collective invitations to their contemporaries. 9^3 Squares is the first test of this exhibition model. Once a critical mass of images have been collected by @refworks, the intention is to build a physical model of these spaces and exhibit it, along with prints of the images, IRL."




+SUM: (Behind the Scenes)

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