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Martin Summers Invited to Kent State Final Reviews

Martin Summers was invited by Margaret Griffin to review the work from her Graduate Studio II that she was leading as a Visiting Critic. This course was co-taught with Adjunt Professor Keyla Hernandez.

"The title of our project is Plunge, an Urban Bathhouse in Los Angeles. 

The form and program of the project is framed through the disciplinary topics of typology and poche as understood through figure ground relationships of mass and void. Geometrically, students are working on the precise development of surface curvature and articulation through profile projections and intersections. They developed techniques for the projection of profiles through extrusion, sweep and rotation within parallel, oblique and radial regulating systems to generate new qualities of interior and exterior volumes for an urban bathhouse in Los Angeles. Attached is an abbreviated syllabus for your reference." Margaret Griffin & Keyla Hernandez

He was then invited to stay an extra day and participate in Ebrahim Poustinchi's final review as well.

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