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Project Description:



Text from the Exhibition, written by Martin Summers and Bryan Cantley, Edited by Owen Duross and Thompson Burry:


Objectspace[s] + [ _


A digital print calls into question the very nature and value of represented informations — a semblance of the final output and a commoditization of the artifact and its qualities. This ambiguous context extends the space of our drawing into the space of the gallery, building on our groups prior collaborative work where issues of omnipresent data, ambiguous formations and seamless transgressions of longitude inform the space of production. A dialogue emerges concerning legibility, iteration, obfuscation, errors and glitches _


When confronted with the impossible object, the architectural condition of nonspace, the conversation must include the mention of the improbable drawing. That is, the thing that cannot be drawn. How can an event of impossibility be presented unless the vehicle of that dialogue is, itself… undefinable? _


We began construction of the image with the [mis]understood umbrella exhibition title: “Digital Drawing”- attempting to explore the ideas of un-approachable objectspace[s]_ through an equally elusive drawing typology. Both of these conditions evolved in the meta-temporal circumstance, and expanded what notation might mean within the resurgence of (the) architectural drawing _


Drawing and model merge in an active, virtual design space becoming operative in a process of translation and transformation, unlimited by their prior discrete realities. Complicating once clearly defined origins, they ripple throughout the thickened space as momentum builds through continuous reimplementation of embedded histories. Their explicit intent molded into alternate representations, where figures and artifacts generate an environment of unapologetic vibrations through the viscosity of data space _


This dense space is filled with entity falsehoods, strategic fabrications, synthetic veracities, and image mis-appropriation to create the probable outcome of an improbable condition _


Alluding to the presence of other associations, it is multiplied in its ability to delimit conditions of formal description, freely operating beyond sensation. Modes of representation are no longer clearly legible, competing to describe multiplicities through depths of space. That is to say they no longer exist as sole entities within a binary palette of spatial, formal and theoretical articulation - the resulting image is but one of several hundred to date attempting to capture its full fidelity _


Paths converge to create nodes of recognition in the objectspace[ ]_. This drawing, and the entire process of generation, examined what might happen when those nodes are fuzzy… when they collapse on top of themselves, spilling over into neighboring articulations… and when they change their role from geographical locators to entity perimeters. The drawing might be contemplated to be a set of parenthetic delusions- where the object of your focus is shifted to the condition of its variable descriptors _


Stand at the threshold of thick data _




160711-Jai and Jai Installation_MS - 100
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