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Ravensara (2020)


Project Total: 95.7 - 1,030 ft² 

Interior: 23.5 - 253 ft² 

Exterior: 72 - 777 ft²  


March 2020 - June 2020


Cabin with master bed, master bath, entry vestibule with reading nook, and access to outdoor space and bath. Guest cabin with bed, bath, and access to outdoor space. Shared kitchen space and outdoor space for yoga and meditations could be shared 

A cabin with guest suite that was to be the first structure among a series of cabins, baths, dining, and other facilities on a beautiful property East of Lawrenceburg, TN. The design used the tight budget as an opportunity to make minimal volumes while maximizing the visual/spatial relationships between interior and landscape. The design model was a fully worked out material and framing model in concept stages to understand minimum material use, minimizing material waste, and developing a sustainable enclosure.





+SUM: (Behind the Scenes)

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