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Object 24 (2016)


< 30 lbs

< 15  ft





An OBJECT, developed to be non-referential, an entity unto itself, that has secrets, capacities, tendencies, or desires AND/OR that have evident, unique, and remarkable qualities all their own (heavily edited excerpt from competition brief)

This project builds off prior experiments developed in the “Objectspace[s] + [ _” exhibition, but marks a shift in the aesthetic direction of the formal project. In the competition, specific edges and seams were transformed through operations that would intentionally negate an observer's ability to understand the origins of the operation. This was an attempt to produce a sense of estrangement or alienation, an unknowable origin that produces a gap between our experience and the object,

Issues of mass and integration, developed via Disruptive Continuity, were now finding alignments in my broader agenda with concepts of camouflage and pattern that operate through the surface itself. The design is meant to be seen in the round, addressing the competition requirements that it be constructed as a physical object if selected as a finalist for the exhibition. We focused attention on moments of formal clarity but then deny that clarity as one tracks the relationships around the corners of the mass - producing moments of formal obfuscation or intentional misreadings.

While the goal to intentionally visually mislead was present to varying degrees in prior experiments, the explicit alignment with OOO (the philosophy of Speculative-Realism knows as Object Oriented Ontology,) provided a new lens through which to interrogate these intentions. This marked the transition into a new phase of creative scholarship, a merging of prior pursuits that needed a new name - Disruptive Obfuscation.




+SUM: (Behind the Scenes)

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