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INSIDEout | IABR (International Architecture Bienniale Rotterdam): Making City (2012)

Size :

8 m²

86  ft²




Models, Drawings, Webcams, T-shirts, Books, Headphones, Video Monitors, IPad's

The River Cities Project was an ongoing research project 10 years in the making, exploring cities on the Ohio River and how their relationship to the river must be reconsidered in a post-Fordist economy. How could a river once serving as a vital link to industry be transformed from industrial use to public amenity and to potential business, tourism, and economic revitalization? In these projects, there was a strong public/private partnership in which the city leaders, local constituencies, the university, and the school of architecture each played a vital role in shaping and inspiring a forward-looking vision. This framework matched the call for the IABR: Making City in 2012, offering an opportunity to package and present this work to a larger audience.

Upon acceptance, a team was formed to catalog the work, edit the contents, and design an installation that conveyed the goals and various conclusions of the project. A focus was placed on revealing the story of the characters behind the projects and the interpersonal relationships that were transforming a small town idea by idea.






+SUM: (Behind the Scenes)

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