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DISRUPTIVEcontinuity | ACADIA (Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture): EcoDiversity, Computation and Identity, Exhibition and Symposia (2015)


31.6 m²

340  ft² (Wall)




Models, Model Stands, and Drawings

The organizers framed the exhibition around the designer's “identity” to counter ACADIA’s prevailing work where authorship appears to be removed, or at least secondary to its process. The exhibition also requested a response to the overarching conference theme of “Design in the Anthropocene,” a provocation that foregrounds context. My proposal responded directly to these goals and provided an opportunity to introduce myself, my practice, and my pedagogical research to my peers.

The installation recognizes the inextricable link between architecture and context and foregrounds this relationship by producing multiple, overlapping responses. The exhibit and conference as contemporary manifestations of architectural thought regarding our impact on the planet (global), the Disruptive Continuity installation in the context of my peers (gallery), my professional work, personal design history, and pedagogical research intermingled (my mind.) The exhibit’s narrative is of my personal design Anthropocene and its influence on all aspects

of my life.






+SUM: (Behind the Scenes)

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