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143811 (2010)


102 m²

1,100  ft²




Redefine an existing apartment to provide open, but visually separated spaces. Increase the value of the property for the owner to increase rental value.

This project began with an opportunity for the tenant and apartment the building owner to renovate an apartment when it became vacant. The larger, two-bedroom apartment was renovated first, then the smaller apartment was vacated when the tenants moved to the two-bedroom and it to was renovated. After this, each successive apartment that was available was now renovated to match, providing new tenants with a great space ten blocks from Santa Monica beach and the landlord with an increased value that could bring in market rates.


Apartment 11 is a 1,100 sqft apartment renovation exploring minimal waste fabrication and conceptually uses built-in furniture as architecture. This new insertion simultaneously divides the existing spaces to provide clear programmatic separation while allowing for light and air to move freely across these new boundary conditions.




+SUM: (Behind the Scenes)

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