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REJECTED: Architectural drawings and their stories, opening night at TEAM B

December 16, 2016



Exhibition Opening: December 15th (6pm - 9pm)

Exhibition Closing / Panel Discussion: Friday the 13th (January 2017), (6pm - 9pm)



From the TEAM B website:

"Rejected aims to bring together a collection of rare architectural drawings in a variety of representation techniques that share a collective fate: the bitter taste of rejection.


In 1863, the Salon des Refusés presented a collection of artwork that was rejected by the jury of the Paris Salon. This landmark exhibition highlighted the need for alternative “unofficial” exhibitions to prevent highly conservative academic bodies from dominating both aesthetics and public taste in art. The show paved the way for newly emerging forms of avant-garde art—namely Impressionism, Post-Impressionism, and Expressionism.


One century later in Chicago, a similar attitude about architecture arose. Stanley Tigerman’s counter-show to 100 Years of Architecture in Chicago (an exhibition heavily immersed in Miesian aesthetics) demanded that architecture not to be reduced to a singular idea of expression. Tigerman captured a vision of the city's architectural heritage that was richly post-modern and eclectic. 


Today, architects encounter rejection on a variety of levels: juries, regulatory agencies, bosses, peers, or even broader collective groups of society might dismiss an idea as inadequate, inappropriate, or not to one's taste.


Whatever the story may be, we ask our friends and colleagues to roll up their sleeves and dig deep into their trash bins or retrieve a forgotten file from the depths of their external hard drives in an effort to revisit bad ideas, partial thoughts, and counterintuitive strategies."


List of Participants:

Denise Scott Brown, VSBA
Moon Hoon, Moonhoon 문훈발전소 
Michael Young + Kutan Ayata, Young & Ayata 
Andrew Kovacs, Archive Of Affinities 
Martin Summers, PLUS-SUM Studio 
Charles Holland, Ordinary Architecture 
Clark Thenhaus, Endemic 
Mikey Love + Antonio Torres, The Bittertang Farm
Stewart Hicks + Allison Newmeyer, Design W/ Company
Kelly Bair, Central Standard Office Of Design
Jennifer Bonner, MALL
Michael Mcinturf, Michael Mcinturf Architects
Molly Hunker + Greg Corso, SPORTS Collaborative
Adam Marcus, Variable Projects
Andrew Santa Lucia, Office Andorus
Aaron Forrest + Yasmin Vobis, Ultramoderne
Alvin Huang, Synthesis Design + Architecture
Eric Lawler, Bureau Spectacular
Alex Maymind, UCLA
Michael Abrahamson, University Of Michigan
Sean Cottengim, University of Cincinnati
Aaron Tobey, Studio AMD + RISD
Hannah Dewhirst + Ingrid Schmidt, SUBSTUDIO
Ryan Scavnicky, SCI-Arc
David Ramis, US-US
Jimenez Lai, Bureau Spectacular
Adam Nathaniel Furman, Madam Studio
Kyle May, KMA
Frank Gossage, SOM
Ania Jaworska, University of Illinois at Chicago 
Matt Shaw, Mockitecture
Erik Herrmann, University Of Michigan
Vincent Sansalone + Whitney Hamaker, DPMT7
Cyrus Penarroyo, University Of Michigan
Matt Messner, UW-Milwaukee
Andrew Atwood, First Office

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Martin Summers Selected as Architecture Faculty Representative for New College of Design Building Committee

March 26, 2019

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