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Martin Summers Presents to SCI-Arc's "Itinerant Platform" Studio Led By Emil Seehusen

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Martin Summers presented his body of research that spans pedagogical processes and aesthetics related to perception, form, and experience to an international group of students who are part of the Itinerant Platform studio led by Emil Seehusen, Research Fellow at SCI-Arc. The focus of the discussion was to share methodologies and approaches to the design of architectural objects and the various aesthetic and conceptual territories in question. It was a pleasure to present and a fantastic opportunity to show the work to students in Los Angeles, Africa, and Denmark simultaneously.

Text from Emil Seehusen setting out the idea and agenda of the Online teaching platform: "Itinerant Platform is a digital collaboration between universities

in Somaliland, Los Angeles, and Copenhagen, which offers

possibilities for architecture students to conduct collaborative

research, and co-produce discourse.

Itinerant Platform is organized by the Southern California

Institute of Architecture, and Emil Seehusen, Research Fellow.

Research activities take place during two blocks of eight weeks

(beginning end of April) and ten days (5th - 15th July).

Its purpose is to challenge entrenched forms of scholarship and

promote an equal exchange of knowledge between the Global

North and South.

Itinerant Platform;

- Facilitates free architectural education across the Global

South and North

- Supports the development of an education program for

students in Somaliland

- Stimulates future collaborations between universities and

potential exchange opportunities for students

- Engages a multifaceted network on three continents,

including appointed city planners, artists, architecture students,

and civil society"


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